About Jossy

Jossy moved to the Netherlands at a very young age and it was here that he developed his identity as a photographer and cinematographer — although his work remains influenced by the Caribbean Island of Aruba where he was born.

He is a graduate of the Art Academy where he received a Degree in Audiovisual Design with Honors, majoring in film and photography. In 2000, Jossy was awarded a Masters Degree from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Rijks Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.

As a fashion photographer, he has been responsible for the creative process and the final images of many national and international publications including Elle, Vogue, Avant Garde, Esquire, Marie Claire, LINK Nouveau, Hanatsubaki, IM, Depeche Mode Magazine, Style and the Family Tunes, British Magazine, DIF Magazine, Jackie magazine, L'Officiel and many others. His work has also been published in Dutch Eyes: New History of Photography in the Netherlands. Jossy’s photography has also featured in news magazines such as the New York Times, Newsweek, Elsevier, Intermediair, Vrij Nederland, Volkskrant Magazine, Holland Herald, Psychologie Magazine, Quote, Interview Magazine and Wired. He is an expert when it comes to the field of campaigns. He shot several campaigns for Ben, Decathlon, Motorola, City of Amsterdam, Telfort, Vodafone, PWC, Cartoon Network, ACAS London Government, Delta Lloyd amongst others. Jossy has also published several books about urbanization and the book A Brief History of Slavery [2002, KIT Publishers: Amsterdam].

Photography by Jossy is characterized by projecting a semi-perfect world when it comes to fashion and commercial photography. Key words for his style are: retro, pleasant, disturbing, cool sexiness, sharp and neorealism. Creativity is the key word that describes Jossy, with eye for detail, aesthetics and composition. Aside from fashion and advertising he shoots documentary photography. This symbiosis creates a unique, highly self-contained style. Apart from commissioned photography, Jossy can apply his skill in documentary photography as well as non-commissioned work for galleries and museums. He also photographs book covers, events as well as organising professional photo shoots for businesses.